For over a year, I have collected Max Osiris’ digital art on ethereum (“cryptoart”). His style has been described as “neo surrealism, transdimensional pop, and psychedelic / visionary.” Max is a modern-day digital shaman who relays visual transmissions from another astral plane. This article presents a compilation of his work.

Cropped version of Max’s “$ELFIII [d1g1t4l 4rt1$t]” on SuperRare (July 2020)

The Black & Whites

A brief compilation of data on 7 cryptoartists on SuperRare; Coldie, Hackatao, Gary Cartlidge, Suryanto, Max Osiris, Ms. A.L. Simpson, and Yusaymon, is presented. These data can be used to quickly identify candidate works for art collectors, and may be useful for predicting future trends.

Fig 1: “Moneyball” movie about using data in baseball.


I compiled a list of…

Cryptoart is booming; here I want to highlight 3 emerging top artists who are also involved with Rarible and the trashart movement: StellaBelle (@stellabelle on Twitter), DKleine (@_DKleine on Twitter), & CloudCoastin (@cloudcoastincr1 on Twitter).

Left: StellaBelle, middle: DKleine, right: CloudCoastin (links below)


StellaBelle is why most people will click this article; she has an infectious excitement about…


Not all art remixes are equal, some remixes just ripoff the original, and platforms & galleries are wise to exclude these shitty remixes.

Remix Maximalists

“Remix maximalists” assert that the remix is a universally good thing. …

Because you can’t taste THE JUICE if you don’t own THE GOODS.

This post seeks to answer the question: “Why spend on cryptoart, when I can take a screenshot (or make my own gif)?”

(If you get lost, I suggest a quick review of Devin Finzer’s “NFT Bible,” which is…

Crypto-heads value trustless systems, that’s kinda the whole point of cryptocurrency (“Be your own bank”).

However, the world of cryptoart is build on TRUST and Gentlemen’s agreements. I will describe the two major aspects of cryptoart that require trust: Authenticity and Bar on Reminting. …

The TL;DL is this: if you fully unpack the DΞΞPPooL coin, you can recreate an entire robust multi-pool coin exchange. To my knowledge this is the first NFT with such a feature.

First, a note of my most sincere gratitude to Christ Costello (@ XYOdotNY on Twitter). He partnered with…


At Pixeos we verify/ pre-screen all artworks, blockchain accounts and artists, making yes/no decisions everyday. What Collin proposes is fairly accurate. “Transformation” and “fair use” standards are poorly-defined, and thus difficult to use. His suggestion to import the Patent Law “obviousness” standard to cryptoart is truly insightful. Without revealing…

On July 28, 2020, ARTPooL coin was born; this was several days after the lunch of Rarible’s $RARI coin. The current (9 AM 7/30/20) value of $RARI tokens is 80 cents (dropped a bit while I wuz writin), while the value of #ARTPool tokens is nearly 1 eth. Given mathematical…

I’m inna big hurry as I write this, so if brevity is indeed the soul of wit, this is gonna be wittyAF.

Pool1: $RARI-to-eth: buy & sell $RARI tokens (RARIBLE platform, cryptoart investment vehicle), very simple.

$RARI-to-eth pool…

When you successfully buy $RARIs, they look like this in your…

Collin Dyer, Esq. PhD.

Employment law lawyer. Former biochemist. Explorer of blockchain, IoT, AI, sensors, patents ,& big data. I believe that cryptocurrency will change the world.

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